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If you have stumbled across this Blog, you are aware that humanity is facing its worst crisis in history due to climate change and global warming.

You are also aware that human greenhouse emissions are the main cause of this, and you are trying to do what you can to minimalize your footprint…. but you probably have also come to realize that it’s too late.

You have come to realize that no matter what you or we as individuals do, it will be nowhere near enough to stop what’s coming.

You have most likely heard that there are currently more than 1,000 new coal-fueled power plants under construction or in planning while investments in renewable energies are very tentative.

You can probably see that the leaders of the most powerful nations on this planet deny or choose to ignore the coming climate catastrophe due to their ties to the oil industry or out of fear of losing the next election.

Maybe you have even dived somewhat into the scientific sources and read about tipping points that have already been passed or will be passed within the next few years.

No matter what your background is exactly, you are aware that we are heading straight into humanity’s worst-case scenario due to global warming and you want to learn to prepare and survive, no matter what is coming.

Good, you have come to the right place!

Here at Climate Preparedness, we will take a science-based look at the different scenarios and problems all of us will be facing with global average temperatures rising above and beyond +2°C.

Then we will find solutions to these problems!

Because giving up and resigning to a terrible fate is not an option for us.

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