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Many people who come to this blog have only recently had their eyes opened about what we will be facing in the future. Usually, they are overwhelmed and lost in a feeling of helplessness.

If you are among those newcomers and feel overwhelmed or even if you knew what is coming for a long time but are still anxious and confused take my advice:

Deal with your fears with the following 5 Steps!

Step 1 – Write it down

The 1st step in dealing with fear, confusion, or a feeling of helplessness is to write down the things you fear the most! This helps to manifest all the thoughts and worries that are buzzing in your head.
Writing them down gives structure to your confusion and fear.

This clear structure is important for our organized human brains!

You could also keep a journal to be able to spontaneously write down your worries as well as ideas.

Step 2- Prioritize

Step 2 would be to prioritize your fears.

Think about what worries you the most and make a Top 5 list. This gives you even more structure and something to focus on in the next step.

After having prioritized your fears, you may also discover that many of your worries are fairly insignificant and can be neglected for the time being!

Step 3 – Visualize Solutions

In Step 3 you start to look for solutions for your top fears. At this stage, you visualize how the final resolution to your fear would look like.

Let’s say, for example, your #1 fear is to see your family starve because there is no food to buy in the stores anymore.
The solution to this problem could be a big room full of supplies and a big self-sufficient greenhouse with an aquaponic system that yields a lot of vegetables and fish.

This is just an example. If this step is hard for you because you see no solution, ask for help! Use our contact form or join our community if you don’t know who to ask!

Step 4 – Take Action

Step 4 is the most important, so I hope you are still paying attention!

Now that you have written down and prioritized your fears (Steps 1+2) and visualized how the solutions to those fears look like (Step 3) you can go ahead and write down the first step, a first measure, a first thing that you can do to get closer to your vision! It is important that you write the measure down to manifest it in your head.

Once you have walked this first step and completed the first measure, write down, and define the next one!
And then the next! Walk step after step without trying to leap too far at any time.

This way, you won‘t feel helpless and overwhelmed anymore. Because now you have a plan! You are not helpless but instead can start and go to work. Take action!

So, get started with Step 1 right now!

Write your Top 5 fears in the comments below! I am sure we will see that many people here share the same fears when it comes to surviving climate change. This will make it all the easier to find solutions and help each other.

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